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A 21st century, Christian version of the Creation story

What does a 21st century, American expression of Christ look like? It looks like each of us, especially when we activate the grace...

21st century, American expressions of Christ

Our spiritual life is lived mainly within our society and culture. In fact, in a very important way, we are our society and...

The spiritual responsibility of caring for the world

Besides being “everyday mystics and prophets,” we also share in Christ’s kingly office. We not only discern God’s presence and intentions and then...

Called, empowered and responsible to do God’s will

Vatican II said that we are not only “everyday mystics” who can discern God’s presence and intentions, but we also share in Christ’s...

Christ calls all Catholics to be ‘everyday mystics’

Pope John XXIII instructed Vatican II to explain our faith in language that people could understand and apply to their everyday lives. Some...

The Second Vatican Council task, catching up

At Vatican II, Pope John XXIII called for aggiornamento; the Italian word that means, “coming up to date.” Here is a quick history...

The Church In Our Lifetime, Then And Now

In many ways the church today is at a low point. Depleted parishes merging. The sex abuse tragedy. The laity asking for education...
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