Good things are happening in our schools


In early January I had the opportunity to meet with the principal of Good Shepherd Regional School in Collingswood, Don Garecht, and the regional pastors who support the school, Msgr. Martin Mannion, Msgr. Leonard Scott, Msgr. Louis Marucci, Father Ed Friel, and Father Richard Lodge.

I came away from the meeting enthusiastic about the good work the school community is doing to create what is in every sense a new school.

We talk often about the importance of building enrollment from our early grades — in particular, kindergarten. Good Shepherd’s first two kindergarten classes (25 this year) have been strong and it was terrific to hear they already have 15 kindergartners registered for next year. The school has also implemented a program to improve retention from year to year (advancement director Diane Gallagher and the teaching staff have done great work with this).

Speaking of the staff, congratulations to all for the school’s great results in last year’s Iowa tests. Good Shepherd is among the best schools in the diocese. Fine work.

Another positive is the palpable enthusiasm the school’s newly formed board showed at our board retreat in October. They showed both a wonderful passion for Good Shepherd and the expertise needed to drive the school forward.

All of the above would not be possible without the strong commitment and support our regional parishes have provided and after listening to them at the meeting, the commitment and support they will continue to provide as we continue to build the school community.

It’s a jungle out there.

This week, members of the Resurrection Catholic community were reminded to look for the “bear necessities” as the school’s third, fourth and fifth graders presented Disney’s The Jungle Book Kids, part of the Broadway Kids 2010 program.

It truly was a song and dance extravaganza as the students transformed the Christ Our Light gymnasium into a jungle complete with Mowgli, Baloo, King Louie and friends.

It was a wonderful experience seeing the talent on display; an experience made more wonderful by the joy we saw on the faces of both the student performers and the receptive audience.

I can’t wait for Broadway Kids 2011.

Nick Regina is Executive Director, Catholic Schools, Diocese of Camden.