House of Charity-Bishop’s Annual Appeal exceeds goal



The Diocese of Camden’s House of Charity-Bishop’s Annual Appeal exceeded its 2014 goal last week, with almost seven more weeks to go in the campaign.

The diocese’s Office of Development raised $7,269,240.93 (as of Feb. 11, 2015) from parishes, individual donors and organizations, with the highest amount raised and collected since 2008, and the highest average gift in appeal history.

Money raised from the appeal provides for health, social, spiritual and welfare services for needy people in the six southern counties of New Jersey.

Remarking that he was “delighted” in the House of Charity exceeding its goal, Bishop Dennis Sullivan added that he is “continually inspired by the generous response our parishioners give when we present them with a need.”

“This annual appeal allows the diocese to carry out some of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, thus providing for our sisters and brothers in need,” the bishop said. “While each of us may not be able to perform all of these works of mercy, our donations to The House of Charity become an extension of our own charity to others.”

Sheila McGirl, associate director of Development, praised the leadership of Bishop Sullivan in interacting with parishioners and emphasizing the need to follow Jesus and help the needy, with his visits to schools, parishes or even on parishioners’ doorsteps. “Bishop Sullivan walks with the people, listens to them and hears them,” she said.

She also recognized the efforts of her fellow colleagues, in the Office of Development.

The House of Charity team “builds relationships with the donors and work very hard every day because they love what they are doing.”

“When you have (Bishop Sullivan’s) leadership that empowers a team of this quality — and the parishioners realize the need to give — we have a recipe for success. And, when the House of Charity is successful, we are taking care of the needs of the suffering, struggling and physically, emotionally and spiritually hungry.”