Lip synching and hamming it up are perfectly acceptable


lipdub2-webTeachers sing and dance their way across the hallway. (The skeleton isn’t a teacher.)







On a snowy day in late January, students, parents, teachers and staff of St. Teresa School, Runnemede, came together to make a “lip dub” video.

A lip dub is a type of video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video. It was decided that the rehearsal and filming would happen all in one day, but the challenge was in following the unofficial rules of “lip dub” video, which means one continuous shot — no editing.

“The idea developed because I wanted to highlight our clean, bright school campus and of course, our wonderful school family,” said advancement director Lisa Colangelo. “I knew that the video would naturally become a marketing tool for our school, but the main purpose was to boost school spirit by doing something fun that the students would always remember being a part of.”

Colangelo sought the help of two St. Teresa School parents with experience in photography, video and television production: Dena Blizzard, a comedienne and former talk show host and Donna Spagna, the owner of Shooting Stars Photography Studio.

“Everything was so well planned and organized — what we didn’t anticipate was a two-hour delay because of snow — but that didn’t stop us, “ said Sister Patricia Scanlon, principal of St. Teresa School. To watch the video go to