Parish to offer prayers for priests during the year


St. Stephen Parish, Pennsauken, plans to observe the church’s Year of the Priest, which begins June 19.

All parish families are being asked to pray for a particular priest in the Diocese of Camden. They will receive the name and contact information for the priest, along with some suggested prayers.

The congregation also will begin reciting a Prayer for Vocations at all liturgies.

Since St. John Vianney, the Curé of Ars, is the patron for this celebration year, the parishioners will be provided with information about this saint and a list of suggested readings for adults and children. There will also be a novena to St. John from July 27 to Aug. 4.

“This jubilee year is an ideal opportunity to honor the priests of our diocese, who deserve our appreciation for the many blessings they bring to our lives — in liturgy, sacraments, and social justice. They truly represent the living embodiment of Jesus here on earth. ” said MarySue Link, a member of the parish Liturgy Committee.