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Giving thanks and running into the secretary of state

Everything on paper went wrong this Thanksgiving, “but as it is written: eye has not seen what God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Cor 2:9). So begins

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Angels where you need them most, baggage claim

Maureen and Scott from Atlantic City, my husband said you were angels before acknowledging that of course you were human. We were the 60-something couple struggling mightily to figure out

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Old books, old memories, new insights

There was a pile on the desk, next to the desk, and under the desk. With my wife’s working at a new career in education as well as on a

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A civilian refugee’s memories of Dunkirk

The movie “Dunkirk” is drawing large crowds as it tells the amazing story of the World War II sea rescue of 338,000 British soldiers trapped on the beaches of northern

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Linked in with a favorite priest in Rome

Just as the fading sun set off its celestial hues one night, Father Frederick “Don Federico” Link came into view. Father Link, a retired priest of the Diocese of Camden,

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‘Thin’ televisions and our out-of-control consumerism

I can’t give my television away. Granted it’s seen better days, about 20 years worth of them, but it still functions well, with a tube that has access to the

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Cheerfully disagreeable, with no time for bigots

William F. Buckley, Jr. once wrote a letter to the King of England, scolding him for not paying off his country’s World War I debt to the U.S. He was

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El ejemplo inspirador de una hija de inmigrantes mexicanos

“Mis padres me ensenaron desde muy temprana edad que si no temenos fe estamos perdidos. Ellos me ensenaron a confiar en Dios y a no perder nunca la esperanza.” Estas

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The faith and hope of a recent graduate, the daughter of Mexican immigrants

“My parents taught me at a very young age that we are lost if we do not have faith. They told me to trust in the Lord and to never

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My marshmallow Fluff temper tantrum

I was so mad. You see, I had bought myself a small tub of Fluff — you know, that sticky, sweet marshmallowy cream that, along with peanut butter, makes the