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Well, yes, there was a little bit of ego involved

No way I was going to like David (not his real name), a man who attended my church. I knew him by face only. He had a lovely wife, adorable

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The Good Friday death of a salesman

Dennis Ezekiel, who made his living by selling newspaper advertising, was in his grave less than a week when he was praised by Pope Francis. Not by name, of course.

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Praying for the victims of violence and injustice

Priests are often called upon in times of stress, including violent incidents that occur too often in American communities. Below, a pastor reflects on the violence that has afflicted his

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A physician’s experience with women religious

Although usually quite shy, Dr. Oliver Sacks was so enchanted by a lunar eclipse one night that he stopped people on the street and pressed his small telescope into their

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The modern plight of the ancient Magi

T.S. Eliot begins with a description that seems especially appropriate to the people of South Jersey at this time: “A cold coming we had of it, Just the worst time

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Throw away your razor and grow spiritually

For some of us, there are those rare occasions in life when little things occur that make you feel kind of special. I’m not talking about those little endearing things

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Saint Therese, working overtime for a Cherry Hill woman in Rome

VATICAN CITY — “You, here,” grudged the Basilica’s guard, whose frame resembled a linebacker. Tilting his head to the right, he passed me off to the second in command behind

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Giving thanks and running into the secretary of state

Everything on paper went wrong this Thanksgiving, “but as it is written: eye has not seen what God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Cor 2:9). So begins

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Angels where you need them most, baggage claim

Maureen and Scott from Atlantic City, my husband said you were angels before acknowledging that of course you were human. We were the 60-something couple struggling mightily to figure out

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Old books, old memories, new insights

There was a pile on the desk, next to the desk, and under the desk. With my wife’s working at a new career in education as well as on a