Conference on Students Voices for Human Rights

With John Witherspoon (a.k.a. actor Bob Gleason), one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, in attendance to answer questions, 150 students from area schools came to St. Joseph’s High in Hammonton on Oct. 23 to study that document’s assertions about human rights.

The students, representing 12 schools, came to St. Joseph’s for the 13th annual Conference on Students Voices for Human Rights. Hosted by the high school and Global Education Motivators, the conference coincided, in no random act, with United Nations Day.

The day was used a partial preparation for the United Nations Student Conference on Human Rights, which took place on Friday, Dec. 4.

The students worked together to define human rights education, and develop a declaration by working in groups, each focused on a particular sub-theme: Educating on the Rights of Children, Fighting Conflict with Human Rights Education, Fighting Intolerance with Human Rights Education, Educating on Gender Equality, Using Information and Communication Technologies to Promote Human Rights Education, and Creating Student Ambassadors for Human Rights.

In break-out sessions, students were involved in activities that communicated fundamental human rights principles, while affirming their interdependence, indivisibility, and universality.

Catholic schools participating on Oct. 23 were Assumption Regional, Galloway; John Paul II Regional, Stratford; St. Mary’s Regional, Vineland; St. Mary’s, Gloucester; and Wildwood Catholic High School, North Wildwood.

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