Students invited to write about pets, enter pawprint decorating contest

MOMS (Making of Miracle Stories) Animal Rescue is inviting schools in the Diocese of Camden to get involved in raising awareness of the importance of providing safe homes for animals.

A student essay contest is being held for grades 3-12, and a student pawprint decorating contest for grades PreK-2.

The essay contest will require a one-page essay on one of the following topics: describe how and why your family chose to rescue a pet; describe what responsibilities you have in taking care of the family pets; and if you do not have a pet, what random act of kindness have you shown to an animal (i.e. volunteered at a shelter, babysat a pet for a neighbor, etc.)? All essays will be due May 1.

For the pawprint decoration contest, pawprints will be provided for the school, and students are invited to decorate with such items as glitter, crayons, and markers to show anything animal-related. All of the pawprints will be placed on posterboards and sent to animal shelters all over the East Coast.

Schools can pick a week through April 27 to collect supplies.

MOMS is also organizing a school collection drive, to bring pet food and supplies to a Georgia animal shelter. Last year, MOMS started the Georgia Puppy Caravan, traveling to shelters in the state that euthanized many animals. The group took all of the animals and brought them to New Jersey where homes were found for them. A documentary of this trip will premiere in Philadelphia in August.

All donations collected will be transported by tractor trailer to Georgia in May. All students will be invited to participate in the send-off day for the tractor trailer.

Essay contest winners will be asked to read their essay on film, to be used on the documentary premiere evening. For more information, contact Karen LoSasso at 609-665-1224, or visit

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