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Teachable Moments

Vacations are essential for the human spirit

It might surprise some, but it is a psychological fact of life that “taking a vacation” is an anxiety-producing situation. I’m told...

A fuller, more practical meaning of patience

Patience is a virtue, or so we have been taught. But if we really think about it, it’s a virtue which is...

What I learned from the other side of the desk

Teaching has taught me the other side. I know now the struggle of sharing a more enduring wisdom with a generation that...

A song with lyrics reminiscent of many sermons

Do you remember Bette Midler’s “The Rose”? Some say love it is a river ... that drowns the tender reed; some say love...

Michael Vick and the question of forgiveness

Do we give the guy a chance or not? Jesus tells us we need to love our enemies and forgive them if...

Our debt to the sisters for their many gifts

  When my mother was alive, she liked to joke with my brother and me, priests that we were, about the obvious spirituality and...

Many messages from the early years are like a curse

Most kids don’t like themselves. Quietly, even the more talented look across the aisles in their homerooms at school and wish they were...

Only the ‘perfect,’ not the ‘special,’ are wanted

The religiously sensitive among us like to describe today’s moral erosion in metaphoric terms. Life is a slippery slope, they contend, succinctly...

Men with a grace-filled, divinely inspired vocation

Many years ago, the late Archbishop Peter L. Gerety of Newark made a move which stirred some controversy within his own area. Incensed...
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