High School Senior Showcase 2018: Paul VI



Fourth in a nine-part series celebrating recent graduates from Catholic high schools across South Jersey.

Previously: Saint Augustine Prep; Saint Joseph; Wildwood Catholic  

Today: Paul VI, Haddonfield

Thomas Francesconi

High School Activities: Student Government, Altar Serving, Basketball, Italian Club

Plans for the Fall: Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia

What he appreciates most about going to a Catholic high school:  Definitely the people there, especially the staff. I have become friends with people who made me feel like I am in a family atmosphere at school everyday. The staff at PVI are who make the experience here. From the student council moderators I have had, classroom teachers, my guidance counselor Mrs. Zaremba, and even the cross country and track coaches I have had, they constantly show the students how much they care for our success. They care for me to become the best student, athlete, and all around person I can be. I am never going to forget the friends I made in high school or the teachers that have taught me so much throughout my four years at PVI.



Johnny Intriago

High School Activities: Football, Baseball, History Club, Working at Wendy’s

Plans for the Fall: Stevens Institute of Technology

Advice for incoming freshman: Focus.  On the first day of school, there should be only one thing on your mind.  That one thing is to focus on your studies and on yourself.  Strive to be the best student.  Strive to be the best athlete.  Strive to be the best person.  That mindset can go far in life if you stay focused.





Jacklyn Schultz

High School Activities: Soccer, Track, National Honor Society

Plans for the Fall: University of New Haven in Connecticut, studying Forensic Science

Someone who made a significant impact on her life: My AP calculus teacher Ms. Holland, she prepared us so well for our AP exam with constant practice from past exams and covered the entire curriculum throughout the year. Not only has she taught the information well but she also created a bond with her students where class is fun and I can talk to her about things other than math.






Erin Siciliano

High School ActivitiesStudent Council, Cross Country, Peer Leadership, Kairos

Plans for the FallUniversity of Pennsylvania

What she appreciates most about going to a Catholic high school: I enjoy the Catholic school environment. Many people who choose to attend a Catholic school are serious about academic success and they bring their determination and focus into the classroom. I love that Paul VI has such a friendly social environment as well, driven by Catholic values.