High School Senior Showcase 2018: Saint Augustine Prep



Third in a nine-part series celebrating recent graduates from Catholic high schools across South Jersey.

Previously: Wildwood CatholicSaint Joseph

Today: Saint Augustine Prep, Richland


Matthew Lee Cottrell

High School Activities: National Honor Society, Football, All South Jersey Choir, Habitat for Humanity

Plans for the Fall: United States Coast Guard Academy as a Cadet, majoring in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

What he appreciates most about going to a Catholic high school:  What I appreciate most about going to a Catholic High School is being able to attend a high school where I can openly celebrate my faith.  Being able to enjoy attending Mass and praying before meals and class has been a spiritually enriching journey.  I have been blessed to experience an education that is rich with Augustinian values and to have learned what it means to be a Christian Gentleman through the search for truth, unity, and love.



Kevin Eaise

High School Activities: Baseball, Studying

Plans for the Fall: University of Pennsylvania

What he appreciates most about going to a Catholic high school: Before high school I never attended a Catholic school. It was an adjustment coming from a small public school and entering one of the most prestigious schools around. At first it was hard to understand the importance of values being instilled, but over time I realized their purpose. Attending a Catholic high school has opened my eyes to the importance of structure and has strengthened my views as a young Catholic.





Arjun Mather

High School Activities: Medical Club, Hermit Ambassadors Service Club, Model United Nations

Plans for the Fall: Georgetown University

Someone who made a significant impact on his life: My Honors Chemistry, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry teacher Ms. Fed.  Having spent three years with her, we developed a close relationship.  She was always supportive of me and helped develop my love for science.






Matthew Talbot

High School ActivitiesVolleyball, Richland Rowdies, Animal AID USA

Plans for the FallTemple University

One piece of advice for incoming freshmen: Try to find something you are passionate about and chase that. Also, make the most of your time in high school and don’t forget to laugh.