Talking Catholic – the Holy Eucharist and Father Sinatra


It’s the return of the unofficial co-host of Talking Catholic, Fr. Robert Sinatra! The pastor of Vineland’s Saint Padre Pio Parish joins us this week to talk specifically about the Eucharist, in light of the Pew Research Center report earlier this month that found a majority of Catholics do not understand the nature of the Eucharist as the true body and blood of Christ.

It’s a truly enlightening conversation with Fr. Sinatra who offers a spotlight on the power of the Eucharist, how it is very much the essence of our Catholic faith, and what we can do to keep it front & center in our lives.

In the podcast we also note a Father Michael Schmitz video that offers some enlightenment on the nature of the Mass. We couldn’t find the specific video in question, but here’s one from Fr. Schmitz you may find interesting that details all the parts of the Mass and explains there underlying importance:

Of course, we couldn’t have Fr. Sinatra on without a little baseball, toys from our youth, and superhero talk, so we tacked on a few minutes of our usual nerdy conversation about our favorite topics at the end of the podcast.