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Latest News Year of the Family – Diocese of Camden

Families share their excitement about going to the World Meeting of Families

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden, sponsored an essay contest open to all diocesan families for tickets to the World Meeting of Families congress. Eight families representing the entire geographic region

40 Days of Francis Latest News

High school students bring food to the hungry through diocese-wide food relay

Monday, Sept. 14, dawned bright and sunny with a crystal blue sky: a perfect day for a relay. But this relay differed in several key ways from a typical athletic

Latest News

The saint known as the ‘slave to the slaves’

In early September every year, the universal church celebrates the memorial of St. Peter Claver, an important figure in the history of the Americas, and one especially pertinent in light

40 Days of Francis Latest News

Hardships faced by undocumented immigrant families

Catholic Charities is leading the Diocese of Camden in 40 Days of Francis, a time of preparation for the pope’s visit to Philadelphia. This is the fifth in a series

Catholic School News

New teachers come with specialized training

As it opened its doors for the new school year, Gloucester Catholic High School welcomed three new faculty members from Catholic universities with open arms. The newcomers are young educators

As I See It Columns

Remembering Sister Mary Vincent Sharp

Years ago, a reporter for the Catholic Star Herald visited El Centro, a Catholic Social Services outreach office and thrift store in Camden City. He walked out an hour later

As I See It Columns

Caring for the Earth: What does that mean for us?

Earth is crying. Whole species of plants and animals are dying. There is news of drought and terrible storms almost every week. People are fleeing their homes because they can

Columns That All May Be One

Rosh Hashanah, the first of High Holy Days

Sunset, Sept. 13th of this month began the holiest 10 days in the Jewish calendar, Rosh Hashanah. It has several meanings, “Head of the Year,” “Day of Shouting/Raising a Noise”