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The Holy Name of Jesus

In 2002, Pope John Paul II encouraged in the adoption of the revised Roman Missal a reinstitution of the memorial of the Holy Name of Jesus, which had been suppressed

Columns Growing in Faith Understanding Pope Francis

Saint Francis, Pope Francis and the Cross of San Damiano

In 2013, shortly after being elected to lead the universal church, Pope Francis visited some of the sites associated with Saint Francis of Assisi. One of these stops included a

Columns Understanding Pope Francis

The Francis from Assisi and the Francis in Rome

This June I’ll be teaching a course on the “Theology of Pope Francis” in Rome. (Information is available at if you are interested in participating as a non-degree seeking

Columns Growing in Faith

The global scandal of homelessness

In early December, the Institute of Global Homelessness invited theologians, practitioners and policymakers to Rome to work on coordinating global efforts to eradicate street homelessness and to discuss potential paths

Columns Growing in Faith

The importance of indigenous heroes like Black Elk

Today a central theme in reading the “signs of our times” is the increased attention paid to inculturation, the planting of Christianity in soil beyond the Mediterranean world where it

Columns Growing in Faith

Unlikely places to worship and pray

Many airports around the world have chaplaincy ministries which include daily or weekly Masses in chapels tucked away in their terminals. In fact, when I worked for Cardinal Dulles, I remember

Columns Growing in Faith Science & Catholicism

A case study in the battle over evolution

The Vatican journal run by the Jesuits named La Civiltá Cattolica recently published an article about the American political situation that has caused waves to ripple internationally. (The authors described

Columns Growing in Faith Science & Catholicism

God’s glory in the community of the church

In a world ravaged by Islamophobia, it’s worth pointing out that if European civilization, for all its many imperialistic and self-aggrandizing shortcomings, had instead followed its perennial and equally pernicious

Columns Growing in Faith Science & Catholicism

A scientific thinker with the heart of an ascetic

Just south of Goose Island here in Chicago sits a church recently voted the most beautiful in America by 16,000 online supporters. Named for the Polish Saint John Cantius (spelled

Columns Growing in Faith Science & Catholicism

Finding God in all things, including polymerized acetylene

As was the case with so many of the other 19th-century and early 20th-century Catholic university figures, Julius Nieuwland (1878-1936) was an immigrant. Virtually all of the Catholic institutions of