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God’s glory in the community of the church

In a world ravaged by Islamophobia, it’s worth pointing out that if European civilization, for all its many imperialistic and self-aggrandizing shortcomings, had instead followed its perennial and equally pernicious

Columns Growing in Faith Science & Catholicism

A scientific thinker with the heart of an ascetic

Just south of Goose Island here in Chicago sits a church recently voted the most beautiful in America by 16,000 online supporters. Named for the Polish Saint John Cantius (spelled

Columns Growing in Faith Science & Catholicism

Finding God in all things, including polymerized acetylene

As was the case with so many of the other 19th-century and early 20th-century Catholic university figures, Julius Nieuwland (1878-1936) was an immigrant. Virtually all of the Catholic institutions of

Columns Growing in Faith Science & Catholicism

‘God’s architect,’ blending knowledge of science and art

A perhaps unsurprising number of my favorite buildings in the world are churches, from grand basilicas to underground catacombs to hospital chapels. Due to my many personal connections there, one

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‘Interpretive keys’ to the pope’s new document

Archbishop Arthur Roche has long been a friend of the Lay Centre, where I lived while studying and teaching in Rome, and where I continue to build relationships for my

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‘A community of all peoples to live over the face of the earth’

On June 14, 2016, Google’s frequent “doodles” which honor holidays, anniversaries, and famous people depicted a mustachioed cartoon scientist standing next to red vials of blood. This much-viewed global memorial

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Thoughts on cosmic death and resurrection

Heidi Ann Russell’s still relatively recent (2015) book “Quantum Shift: Theological and Pastoral Implications of Contemporary Developments in Science” contains a number of fascinating chapters on topics of interest to

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The man who mastered the Rosetta Stone

What child has not had their imagination captured while wandering around a museum of mummies and sarcophagi and artifacts engraved with ancient hieroglyphics? Modern archeology in many aspects can be

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The priest who was the father of the Big Bang Theory

How can a reasonable and educated Catholic square the Adam and Eve account(s) in Genesis with the cosmological discoveries of the scientific age? Are these aetiologies of natural and human

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The Jesuit known as the ‘father of aeronautics’

Commissioned to do some global engagement work for the university, I’ve clocked quite a bit of international travel this year, which has demanded a staggering amount of hours on flights.