School funds an urgent issue in Governor’s budget

School funds an urgent issue in Governor’s budget

The New Jersey Catholic Conference and the New Jersey Network of Catholic School Families are calling on the state’s residents to urge changes in nonpublic school funding, ahead of approval of Gov. Chris Christie’s 2018 budget.

Calls, letters, and e-mails to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, and the Assembly Budget Committee are encouraged to convince lawmakers and Gov. Christie’s administration to increase and restore funding for two school issues.

Since the 2007-08 school year, the ceiling for nonpublic school transportation has been frozen at $884 per pupil, and will continue at that cost under Gov. Christie’s proposed 2018 budget.

Most nonpublic school transportation, such as those in the diocese’s Catholic schools, are provided by private bus companies; however, the lower rate has made it difficult for schools to secure these contracts. As well, without transportation, parents are often unable to get their children to school, even though an in-lieu amount is paid to the parent, for $884.

The restoration of funds for nonpublic school aid in nursing, technology and security has also been urged.

Gov. Christie’s proposed 2018 Budget has cut $9 million from this aid, reducing it from $95.5 million to $86.5 million. The cuts included elimination of the entire Nonpublic School Security program, and the elimination of increases in nonpublic school nursing services and technology aid.

To make your voice heard, use the New Jersey Catholic Conference Faith in Action-Voter Voice system:

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