40 Days For Life conducts vigil in Cherry Hill


The national 40 Days For Life campaign kicked off in Cherry Hill on Wednesday, Sept, 28, continuing until Nov. 6 to help spread the word about the tragedy of abortion.

40 Days For Life is a focused pro-life campaign that has mobilized over 400,000 worldwide. Organizers claim the effort has saved lives from abortion, led to the conversion of abortion workers, and helped close abortion facilities.

The pro-life effort includes prayer and fasting for an end to abortion; a peaceful vigil outside an abortion facility; and community outreach, spreading the pro-life message through media efforts, advocacy, and public visibility.

In Cherry Hill, the vigil is beingheld outside the Cherry Hill Women’s Center, 502 Kings Highway North, and is asking for two prayer warriors each hour, from the 7 a.m.- 7 p.m. vigil, every day until Nov. 6.

Claire Howson, local director for the Cherry Hill 40 Days for Life, says that vigilers “could prevent (visitors) from having an abortion. The vigilers’ presence could be a sign from God” to them.

To sign up for a vigil hour, or for more information, go to the Cherry Hill 40 Days for Life website at www.abortionclinicvigil.com, or to the national website, www.40daysforlife.com, or contact Claire Howson at 856-234-6198, or at Claire@abortionclinicvolunteer.com