Agreeing with Father Gregorio, for once



“Jesus and his radical acceptance of everyone” (Jan. 8) was one of the best columns Father Gregorio has ever written. I often disagree with his columns but this is one that everyone needs to read. Throughout my 71 years, I realized that the survival instinct is the strongest driving force within us. It can lead to bigotry, prejudice and other negative factors that stem from our fear of differences. Father aptly categorizes all this into human clans and tribal associations. If one is like me (religion, nationality, race, etc.) then I can “survive” with him; but the more different he is than me, the more potential danger that exists. Even Jesus in his human form, prayed at the garden of Gethsemane to God the Father to “let this cup pass me by.” It was his survival instinct kicking in; but his spiritual force and human love overrode it and asked that “Thy will be done.” Father Gregorio follows this line of thought by invoking us to override our human fear of differences with human and spiritual love. This is what our faith is truly about, and everyone needs to follow that message.

Lynn Wiston