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‘The best thing we have done for our family’

Editor: For the past three years, my husband and I have been taking our three young children (now ages 3,6 and 7) down to Cape...

Faith and economics

Editor: All calls for raising the mandatory minimum wage sound like a very Christian thing to do but just as a rising tide raises all...

Where to write

Send letters to Carl Peters, 15 North Seventh Street, Camden, NJ 08102 or email to cpeters@camdendiocese.org. Include daytime phone number. Letters should be limited...

The purpose of law

Editor: Recently there were two articles which caught my attention. One was in our Catholic Star Herald Oct. 17 quoting Pope Francis and the other...

The legacy of slavery

Father Gregorio’s Aug. 29 column, “Separating one group from another,” has provoked a discussion about the legacy of slavery, poverty and free enterprise. Some...

People who struggle to survive

Editor: “I lost all my toys in a fire and never got new ones” are words from a 7-year-old that may haunt me for a...

Slavery and the historical record

Editor: Regarding Father Gregorio’s Aug. 29 column on racism, “Separating one group from another”: The enslavement of European “whites” in the Mediterranean and on the African...

A Spiritual Mother’s Day

Editor: Saving the second Sunday in May for Mom has been a no-brainer since Juliet Ward Howe exhorted Congress to proclaim this particular Sunday...

The second amendment

I was disturbed by Father Gregorio calling for a repeal of the Second Amendment, the right of citizens to bear arms.There would be no...

On being Catholic and American

Editor:Father Gregorio opines what it should mean to be Catholic in America in his Feb. 28 column. For Lent, on behalf of justice for...
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