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Bishop establishes new committee


A Consultation Committee for the Removal of Pastors from Office has been established at the proposal of Bishop Sullivan. The purpose of this committee is described in canons 1742 §1 and 1745, 2º. Should a situation arise in which the ministry of a pastor were to become harmful or ineffective in the parish to which he is assigned, according to canon law, from that Consultation Committee, at least two pastors would be called upon by the bishop to offer their advice and insight as to whether serious cause exists which could warrant a pastor’s removal.
The hope is that such a committee would not need to be used but nevertheless, canon law does state that it is to be stably established in the diocese so that the rights of all: bishop, pastor, and parishioners are always protected.
Bishop Sullivan has appointed the following diocesan pastors to serve on this committee: Rev. Nicholas Dudo, Rev. Walter Norris, Rev. David Grover, Rev. Mark Cavagnaro, and Rev. Raymond Gormley.