The need to forgive others, even other drivers

Recently, as my wife and I were driving through center city Camden during rush hour, I spotted in the rearview mirror a white...

A diverse group prepares for a mission to Jamaica

We’re gathered in a room, and I look at the faces of my companions. Tony is 70 but he talks rapidly and with...

Fulfilled prophecies, not ‘magical coincidences’

Because of a quirk in our schedule here in Rome, we happened to be in the Vatican City State on June 20, where...

Pope addresses gathering at theology summit

Pope Francis recently delivered an address that is unleashing a new freedom in the Church’s dialogue with Jews and Muslims. While on a visit...

‘Male and female he created them,’ and the game began

The professor, a strict and uncompromising moralist, followed Immanuel Kant’s thinking that any lie, told at any time for any reason — even, as...

Understanding Gospels reveals concern for social justice

To understand why the Gospels are the authoritative documents on Jesus as champion of social justice, it helps to see where they began. First,...

The historical route of the ‘seven churches’

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be teaching a course for Loyola University Chicago’s Institute of Pastoral Studies here in Rome at our local...

God’s presence and the need for ‘prompt succor’

Pope Francis made international headlines on Pentecost Sunday when he decried “a culture of insult” (“una cultura dell’insulto”) where the adjective takes precedence...

Freedom, mercy, forgiveness in the name of the church

Pope Francis once again waded into the thorny politics of Europe’s emerging nationalism and continued his ecumenical outreach to Orthodox Christians during his recent...

Fathers are expected to be good role models

Father’s Day is the one day in the year when parishes and communities and this whole nation honor the dignity and the sacredness...
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