Faith and economics



All calls for raising the mandatory minimum wage sound like a very Christian thing to do but just as a rising tide raises all boats, an increase in minimum wage inevitably will raise the cost of the very essentials a family needs. It is purely a feel good measure.

John T. Fallon




In response to Father Gregorio’s column “Taking the pope seriously on economics” (Oct. 31), I would like to comment. I don’t think our best response to the economic situation is to elect those with the blood of the unborn on their hands, so they can steal money from the “wealthy moguls” to give it to the poor, or to solar energy development or free contraception or whatever other cause they feel is a right in their twisted version of morality. Maybe a better approach would be to elect those who try to protect the unborn and who will not steal one group’s money to give to another. There is no virtue in the mob getting their government to take from the rich to give to the poor. Money is part of our personal property. The government should be taking only what they need to run the government which should be as small as possible.

We as Catholics should evangelize to those “wealthy moguls” and encourage them as Christ commanded to give to the poor.

Father can attack capitalism all he wants but there is no economic system that has brought more people out of suffering than capitalism has, it should not be abandoned.

As a Rush Limbaugh fan I can’t let Father’s criticisms go unanswered. When Rush deals with his disagreements with the pope he tiptoes around the subject. Rush has enormous respect for our church and has recently admitted he was very close to converting to Catholicism.

Mike Cornely



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