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Simplifying spiritual vocabulary, how challenging

Somewhere near his 75th birthday, Morris West wrote a series of autobiographical essays entitled, “A View from the Ridge.” In the Prologue of...

We demand that murderers be executed, God doesn’t

God is non-violent. God does not prescribe violence. Violence should never be rationalized in God’s name. That is clear in Christian revelation. But...

Remembering the gift that was Henri Nouwen

Henri Nouwen was perhaps the most popular spiritual writer of the late 20th century and his popularity endures today. More than seven million...

The Resurrection, human fidelity and God’s silence

Theologians sometimes try to simplify the meaning of the Resurrection by packaging its essence into one sentence: In the Resurrection, God vindicated Jesus,...

Our aging faces mirror the tension in our souls

In one of James Carroll’s early novels, he offers this poignant image: A young man is in the delivery room watching his wife...

Literary skill helps priest explain theology

One of the reasons we don’t often find a good Christian apologetics today is because so many of our best theologians write at...

See others through blessed, not cursed lens

There’s a Buddhist parable that runs something like this: One day as the Buddha was sitting under a tree, a young, trim soldier...

Following Jesus, according to the Letter or the Spirit?

I work and move within church circles and find that most of the people I meet there are honest, committed, and for the...

Excess enters, enjoyment departs, as does freedom

Eighty-five years ago, G. K. Chesterton looked at his society and saw some things that disturbed him. Here's his comment: There comes...

Parents, teachers and the children in their care

Margaret Laurence’s novel, “A Jest of God,” tells the story of two sisters: One of them, Rachel, single still and childless at mid-life,...
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