Education summit set for March 24


The second Annual Education Summit, sponsored by Catholic Partnership Schools, will take place on Monday, March 24 at the Enterprise Center at Burlington County College in Mount Laurel. Sister of St. Joseph Karen Dietrich, CPS executive director, discusses the summit:

What is the goal of the Education Summit?
We hope this year’s Summit will continue the conversation we began last year about the research, strategies and applications that will best ensure an emotionally supportive and solid educational foundation for students. There is a growing realization that especially our children growing up in environments of poverty and violence are physiologically, emotionally and developmentally impacted by their neighborhoods and home lives.
There is undeniable research that the best curriculum and instruction is not enough – alone – to help children and young people to build character, attain the self-control and perseverance that are critical to achievement – to set goals and persist through sometimes insurmountable obstacles. Tending to those social and emotional traits that are the foundation for goodness, and happiness and productive fulfilling adult lives are dependent on the patience and great care of adults who wrap these children daily in our schools.
We’d be foolish to think that what happens in our classrooms can be adequately or completely measured by testing and scores. Those who work directly with students and their families well know the importance of academic proficiency, literacy and numeracy. They also know that there truly is a whole child that sits in front of them each day.

Why is the theme “Self Control, Poverty, Social and Emotional Development and the Roles they Play in Raising Our Children”?
Each of the speakers are foremost experts in the field of social/emotional development. They are psychologists, educators, doctors who work daily to find the insights that will help practitioners inform their practice in very real and somewhat simple ordinary ways… but to do it knowingly and intentionally. That’s really the secret… to intentionally know what interventions can have a profoundly positive impact on the life of a young person in our care.

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