Lay Ministry Spotlight – Teresa Reyes, lay minister


Part of a series of profiles of lay ministers

Romero Center Ministries, St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral, Camden

Ministry: Urban Challenge Associate, Romero Center Ministries

Institutions: College of Saint Elizabeth – Certificate in Parish Life Ministry

How did the Lay Ministry Formation Program prepare you for your ministry?

The Lay Ministry formation program is a great blessing for our church and a great responsibility for those who participate in its programs. Through this program, I received tools that enabled me to better serve my community and be better prepared for my ministry. Both my ministry and this formation helped me to reflect on my own journey of faith and inspired me to create “Project Dignitas,” a new social justice program, in Spanish, at the Romero Center. My hope with the new program is that those in the Hispanic community who have had a similar journey to mine, also get inspired to live our faith in our communities by recognizing our own dignity and by uplifting the dignity of the most vulnerable among us.

How has Lay Ministry molded you as a person?

The program also led me to a deeper understanding of my faith, and my personal call to work in ministry. As a result of that, I am able to invite those who I serve to a deeper understanding of their own faith, and their call to serve in their communities.

What has been a “memorable moment”?

During a retreat at the College of St. Elizabeth, I came to understand that it was part of God’s plan for me to be here in the United States. This realization touched me very deeply and had great impact on how I see my ministry. I am where I am supposed to be.

Why would you encourage others to become a lay minister?

Our church is in need of informed and well-formed lay leaders. To carry the message of the Gospel falls in great part on the hands of the laity of parishes. Also, I think the need for this type of program, especially at this level, is even more imperative in the Hispanic community due to the differences in language and culture which are an important part of our journey of faith.

The Diocese of Camden Lay Ministry Fair will be held Nov. 3. For more information, contact Linda Robinson, 856-583-6116, follow us on Facebook; 856-964-9777, ext. 602