Local group seeks to provide water treatment in Haiti


The Social Justice Group at Our Lady of the Angels Church in Cape May Court House recently launched its newest project — an initiative to provide a water treatment unit to a crisis-stricken community in Haiti.

Clean, potable water is often the difference between life and death for many residents.

Efforts to help the Cape May County Village of Bord DeMar in northern Haiti began in 2006, with an attempt to give a home to one family. Eventually, communal efforts led to the development of 16 cinderblock homes with rudimentary showers and latrines. Since then, projects have varied. To date, there have been numerous innovations in the village.

The community was presented with 26 goats, 12 cows and a bull. These animals supply a consistent source of milk, dairy products and meat, providing pivotal nourishment for residents.

An agricultural project paid for cultivations of 10 acres of land to produce a variety of crops, including beans, corn and cassava.

An education project is now in its fourth year of existence. Support allows children to be sent to school, provides tuition, school supplies, uniforms, transportation and lunch. The goal of these projects is to break the damaging cycle of poverty.

All projects of the Social Justice Group are overseen and guided by Food for the Poor, an international relief and development charity.

The next endeavor is to supply a water treatment unit for a section of the cholera-stricken country. Thousands of people have died from the epidemic following the disastrous 2010 earthquake due to contaminated water and insufficient medication availability.

Clean water continues to be a pressing issue. One water treatment unit can support a community of up to 3,000 people.

For information go to www.capemaycountyvillage.com. Please contact cmcvhaiti@gmail.com or call Ann Herron at 609-780-2326.