Full of Grace – Remembering Eleanor Casper


eleanorcasper-webIn 1964, the Camden Diocese’s House of Charity began under Archbishop Celestine J. Damiano, and co-directors and founders, Father (later Auxiliary Bishop) James L. Schad and Msgr. Joseph McIntyre. As well, a young woman by the name of Eleanor Casper began volunteering with the House of Charity.

In 1967, Casper was named executive secretary, and she continued her work in the diocese until her death in 2009 at the age of 79.

In her 45 years with her diocesan family, she served under five bishops, and several House of Charity leaders, including Father Schad and Msgr. McIntyre, Msgr. Eugene Pack, Msgr. Harry Jordan, Msgr. Thomas Guenther, Msgr. Louis Marucci, and current House of Charity director Mariann Gilbride.

Casper was remembered as a smart woman with a “special wisdom about her, that was very valuable in our dealings with all of the parishes and the priests,” said Gilbride at the time of her death.

Raised in Philadelphia, after graduating from John Bartram High School in Philadelphia, Casper worked as a secretary for GE from 1964-67, until she became executive secretary.


Researched by Peter G. Sánchez and Carmela Malerba