State budget action alert


Once again, Catholic school students are at risk for losing funding that supports transportation and school security. Students need these and other essential services no matter where they go to school. The New Jersey Catholic Conference and the Catholic Schools Office of the Camden Diocese are asking Catholics to please ask Gov. Murphy to continue funding nonpublic school accounts at the current levels.

You may reach the Governor online at:

Phone calls to the Governor’s office are also encouraged at (609) 292-6000

The Governor’s budget is due Tuesday, March 5. Based on slower than expected tax collections, current projections suggest the state may end the fiscal year in the red — an outcome that could have a dire effect on students who attend Catholic schools in our diocese alone. On average every student enrolled in a South Jersey Catholic School will save New Jersey taxpayers $19,000 (average cost to educate a student) this year. With over 11,000 students, that’s well above $200 million.

“Voter voices in the Diocese of Camden have unquestionably influenced budget decisions in the past,” the Schools Office said in a statement. “Please write or call to help secure funding once again. Time is of the essence. Thank you for your support.”