Talking Catholic- Father Yvans Jazon


As picking season begins in Hammonton, the Blueberry Capital of the World, let’s not forget those who make it possible for all those delicious pies, muffins, and milkshakes.  This week, Mike and Pete sit down with Father Yvans Jazon, Administrator of Collingswood’s Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish to talk about this weekend’s Haitian Farmworkers Mass, an evening of welcome and appreciation for the men and women who spend the hot summer months working in Hammonton’s fields for the blueberries on our picnic tables. 

Father Jazon shares stories of his upbringing in Haiti, his ministry to Haitians in South Jersey, and the community’s ever-present joy and faith.  Join Father Jazon and the farmworkers this Friday, June 21, 6 p.m., for a Haitian Creole/English-language liturgy and celebration at Columbia Fruit Farms, 220 Columbia Road, Hammonton.