Who does the Justice for ALL Dinner help?


Through the event, funds are raised for direct assistance to clients in the communities we serve, specifically for programs including, Family & Community Centers, Refugee Program, Adoption Program & Mental Health Program. These unrestricted funds afford the programs of Catholic Charities flexibility in meeting the urgent needs of clients which is not always possible through grant funds.

Last year the money raised by the event went to help your neighbors in the following ways:

— $132,000 for the Family Service Centers to help people like Denise.

Denise, a single mother of two had been recently been informed that her electrical service would be disconnected after several months of irregular payments. Denise worked at a local restaurant during the day and was enrolled in college courses during the evenings. Denise came to Catholic Charities fearing that the service disruption would further complicate a child custody battle. Denise was assisted with JFA funds to help eliminate the outstanding balance, giving her a fresh start. Denise contacted Catholic Charities several months later to inquire about additional assistance programs available throughout the County. This time, however, she was inquiring on behalf of the families she now assists as the Social Services Case Worker for a local day care center.

— $10,000 for the Individual Development Account Program to help people like Mark.

Our Individual Development Account (IDA) program matches savings accounts of low-income, employed clients. Mark was able to save money in an IDA account that, when matched by the program, was enough for a down payment for a house. The first house his family would ever own! Since they bought their home, the family has become stronger and more secure in their future, particularly their son with disabilities who now has customized space in the home.

— $4,095 for Clinical Services to help people like Anne.

Last year, Catholic Charities was able to assist Anne – a victim of long term domestic violence – who was suffering from a number of health related issues and was financially dependent on her husband. Anne feared being beaten if she used their money to pay for counseling and therefore would not have been able to access these services without the support of JFA dollars.

— $3,750 for the Refugee Resettlement Program to help people like Abdul.

Catholic Charities was able to assist a newly arrived refugee through the use of JFA dollars. Abdul was suffering from a debilitating health issue and was not able to work; shortly after his surgery, he found employment and has not only become self-sufficient, but is now a leader in his community, always willing to help Catholic Charities and other refugee families. He is driven, energetic and just recently completed his savings goal in the IDA program and will soon purchase a car!

— $3,750 for Economic Development to help people build a safety net.

This new program area will focus on developing innovative and creative programs to promote wealth creation and savings for clients who are traditionally excluded from these activities. Program activities currently include Small Business Development, Microenterprise Loan Funds, and Career Development initiatives

— $2,085 for Pregnancy & Adoptions Services to help people like Clare.

After being adopted through Catholic Charities, Clare tragically lost her father when she was only five years old and her mother two short years later. Clare was then raised by her extended family including her 90 year old grandmother. While she was close to her extended family, she was hopeful to learn more about her birthmother and contacted Catholic Charities when she turned 21 years old. Given her limited financial resources JFA money was used to conduct the search and possible reunion between the young adult and the birthmother.


For tickets or information

The 2012 Annual Justice for ALL Dinner, presented by The Daniels Group, Inc., will take place at Adelphia Grand Ballroom in Deptford on Wednesday, April 25, at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are $95 per person. All proceeds will be used to provide direct assistance to clients in all six counties of the diocese: Atlantic, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem.

For more information on tickets, making a donation or sponsorship opportunities, contact Giovina Price at 856-583-6126 or visit www.CatholicCharitiesCamden.org