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With minted peas, please


Once again, Andrew Zappley impressed the judges on MasterChef Junior with his cooking skills. And according to one judge, the 12-year old might be good enough for his daughter.

The Holy Trinity Regional School, Westville Grove seventh grader advanced to the final six Feb. 3 on the Fox Network show, which pits the best young chefs against each other for $100,000 and bragging rights, and includes celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliott and Joe Bastianich as judges.

Ramsay’s 12-year old daughter, Matilda, visited the surprised contestants, and challenged them to recreate a dish that is special to both her and her father: salmon en croute with hollandaise sauce, baby potatoes and minted peas. The young chefs had to not only recreate the same taste, but present it exactly as she demonstrated.

After Ramsey tried to set up a date between Matilda and Andrew, the focused chef successfully recreated the dish and got high marks from the judges. As well, Andrew received praise for helping a fellow contestant, Jenna, recover after having difficulty with her hollandaise sauce, providing emotional and culinary support.

After Andrew and contestant Jimmy were placed in the top two, the judges sent home Ryan Kate and Riley.

Andrew will continue on MasterChef Junior next Tuesday, Feb. 9, 8 p.m., on the Fox Network.