Bridgeton man and family go miles and miles to fight cancer


bicyclist-webChris Nichols of Holy Cross Parish, Bridgeton, right, is pictured riding his bicycle with U.S. cyclist and seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. This weekend Nichols and his family will participate in a walk and bike ride to fight cancer.

BRIDGETON — Chris Nichols will walk and take a 45-mile bike ride on Aug. 20 and 21 to help fight cancer.

On Aug. 20 he and two of his grandchildren and his wife, Dale, will participate in a 5K walk from Montgomery County College in Pennsylvania and on the 21st the bike ride will leave from the college and return there 45 miles later.

“I don’t take any money nor do I ask for any,” said the 60-year-old cancer survivor, a parishioner of Holy Cross Parish with his wife. “As before I hope to make this event a journey of prayer.”

The walk and bike ride is a challenge supported by which sponsors five walks/bike rides around the country each year.

“Last year $4 million was raised in the Philadelphia area bike run alone,” Chris said, “which attracted 6,000 bikers.” The participants were not only survivors but people who had participated in memory of those who had succumbed to cancer.

Livestrong’s purpose is to raise awareness of cancer, said Chris who beat prostrate cancer four years ago. “The group also makes programs available to cancer sufferers free of charge,” he explained, “and also provides anything sufferers and their families may need for assistance.”

An electrician by trade, Chris said, “One of the greatest blessings I’ve ever received was to get cancer because I knew what I had to do now.”

Chris and his family will be giving their time on Aug. 20 and 21 also because of the cancer that has hit other members of the family. His son-in-law, for instance, had gotten cancer and survived but decided not to get married because if it came back he didn’t want to make his wife a widow. But he was convinced to marry and not to live his life in fear of what might happen.

Chris pointed out his father had died of cancer and last year an uncle and his son-in-law’s father both died of cancer. So this year more than ever the walk/bike run has a significant meaning to Chris and his family.

But don’t give him money. Instead send him the names of people and “I will keep them in prayer for the weekend,” said Chris. If people want to donate funds, then contact the website. And forward names to Chris at or call 856-692-1062.