Vandalism at two Vineland churches



Hands broken off a statue of the Blessed Mother.
That was just the beginning of the damage to statuary at two Vineland churches, Sacred Heart Church on Landis Avenue and St. Francis of Assisi Church on Chestnut Avenue. The vandalism was discovered Jan. 23.
Several statues were damaged at Sacred Heart, including the statue of Mary with the hands broken off, a statue of the Sacred Heart with the head broken clean off, and a statue of St. Joseph cut in half.
Sacred Heart is one of the churches of Christ the Good Shepherd Parish.
At St. Francis of Assisi, one of the churches of Divine Mercy Parish, holes were knocked into the heads of Mary and Joseph, the head of St. Francis of Assisi was loped off, and St. Michael the Archangel was broken. In addition, Christ’s face was sheared off a statue depicting the Agony in the Garden
Police are investigating.
In September 2013 statues were similarly vandalized at St. Mary Church in Malaga.