Vineland school offers tuition transfer grants


St. Mary School in Vineland announces the Catholic School Tuition Transfer Grant for students that transfer to St. Mary School from any non-Catholic school in 2014-15.
“The objective of the grant is two-fold,” the school said in announcing the initiative. “First, St. Mary School’s mission is to align hearts with God. Through this grant, we can further our mission by bringing families back to Catholic school and aid in building relationships with Jesus. Secondly, we will continue our mission of providing a premier Catholic education, by filling empty seats within classrooms that are not at capacity. The grant will generate revenue from an otherwise ‘empty seat’ and will enable us to maintain a healthy and vigorous budget that will keep tuition affordable for all.”
Classrooms above capacity are ineligible. Sibling grants for more than one child will be reduced proportionately from tuition rates.
Current St. Mary School families can benefit through the Catholic School Tuition Transfer Grant as well. Current St. Mary School families who assist in getting a new student to attend are eligible to receive a portion of the grant.
For more information contact Carol Kirchman at 856-692-8537, ext. 320.