Christie got this one right



The bishops take issue with same-sex marriage (“N.J. bishops repeat their opposition to same-sex marriage,” Jan. 27), but the concerns they voice are not the only objection to the push for same-sex marriage in the state.

I look around our state and I see vacant stores in town centers and in malls; homeowners desperately seeking to sell their homes — with many renting them in hopes that the real estate market will pick up again or that their economic circumstances will improve; brilliant scientists looking for employment, perhaps taking their talents outside of the state if they are fortunate enough to find a job; union members waiting a long time to be called for their next job; pharmaceutical companies, once the pride of our state, fleeing the state and announcing layoff after layoff; state, city, county and town budgets constricted because of the combination of reduced revenue and over-commitment to civil employees; and stores going up in flames at an alarming rate with fire departments blaming burgeoning safety regulations and manpower issues (Westfield Patch, Jan. 22). Amid all this, I cannot help but wonder why our State Legislature felt that the issue of same-sex marriage was so important that it needed to be “fast-tracked.”

How many jobs will be created or saved with this measure?

How many companies will be attracted to our state by making same sex marriage the law of the land?

If this is so important, why ram it down the people’s throats instead of letting them vote on it?

“Fast-track” is code for bypassing the democratic process. This does not serve the people, but it garners campaign contributions from a powerful LGBT lobby. I hope that the people remember just who suggested that this be fast-tracked, and subject them to appropriate scrutiny at the ballot box. Thank you, Gov. Christie, for reminding our legislators that they serve the people, not special interest groups.

Mickey O’Brien