New program focuses on business technology

Noël Smith and her husband Eric Wong helped develop a two-year technology program at Wildwood Catholic High School that will begin in September.
Photo by Alan M. Dumoff

The future of the business world belongs to those who master the intricacies of technology. Students at Wildwood Catholic High School will be among those masters.

Currently, juniors and seniors are signing up for a new cutting-edge technology program that will roll out in September.

By the time they finish the first of this two-year program, school officials say, they will be highly employable in coveted summer positions in dozens of businesses. When they graduate after completing both years, their resumes will land on top as they search for career jobs. Or, if they choose, they’ll also be well-equipped to start their own businesses.

That’s because the program covers all aspects of the field from programming, to e-commerce, to online security, and graphics for the web and desktop. In other words, everything contemporary businesses demand.

The program was designed by and will be facilitated by a “teaching pod” of specialists with years of experience working for Microsoft, as well as creating their own businesses.

Noël Smith and her husband Eric Wong own and operate Contemporary Technologies Inc., whose clients are large and small companies in a variety of industries.

Smith said that today’s students may seem to know a great deal about technology, but although they can operate all sorts of computer applications, they haven’t learned the broad perspective and background of the apps they use.

They need to be taught the whole business: the hardware, the software, and their practical applications in various fields.

According to Smith, “Technology is a behemoth. We’ll teach students to zoom in and zoom out to see how its pieces fit.”

Along with other guest speakers, Smith and Wong will offer hands-on training in a fast-moving, exciting atmosphere.

Is it contradictory to believe that students can tackle this complicated “behemoth” while having fun?

Not the way this team presents it.

Smith explains that the class will simulate a real-world company where students learn by doing. They’ll experiment with the latest technologies and learn a broad range of skills in a safe environment, where making mistakes is a valuable learning opportunity, not the costly failure it would be on the job.

An important part of the plan is adding new specialized computers to Wildwood Catholic’s existing lab, which will happen over the summer.

To find out more about this program, call the Guidance Office at 609-522-6243.