Remembering Msgr. Buchler



It was wonderful to see the article remembering Msgr. Bill Buchler (March 9). As one whose life was changed as a result of being ministered to by him, I am grateful. He left a legacy of faithfulness. The love he gave was unconditional. He proclaimed with his life the love of God as Father and Jesus as bother and friend.

Msgr. Bill was down to earth, simple and humble. Humble in that he was aware of his need for God. He realized on a deep level that those who came to him for counsel were more helped by his being real, rather than being pious. He was unafraid to confront with love so that we could grow. Like Jesus, he was gentle of heart and in his presence we found rest for our souls. Sadly he left us all too soon. I thank God with every remembrance of him. May the church always remember him with great love.

Marie Bates

Egg Harbor Township