Report from the House of Charity on this year’s appeal


A celebration of the hard work offered by our clergy and volunteers in raising over $6 million thus far was held yesterday evening at St. Agnes Parish in Blackwood. A theme of the teamwork synonymous with the sport of baseball permeated the festive atmosphere.

We have so much to celebrate. Despite the difficulties of our current economy, people have been quite generous. So many of our volunteers and clergy have exhibited the tenacity of true champions by working the plan despite the obstacles, with their eyes fixed high on the goal. The real goal they know, is to be sure that there will be funds to care for those most in need. These workers are in many ways the John the Baptists of our appeal: the voice of hope crying out in the wilderness for so many who have no voice.

Special thanks are offered to the 70 or so diocesan employees who participated in four evenings of Phone-A-thons over the last week. They are the defense of our teamwork, fielding the issues of the poor and vulnerable hit out to them day after day. We are extremely grateful to them for stepping up to the plate on the offense these past evenings, reaching out to the donors who have the power to keep these vital programs of support going.

Figures for all parishes will be reported in next week’s Catholic Star Herald. Parishes are urged to send any pledge forms and checks to the Appeal Office as soon as possible so that deposits of donor checks can be made expeditiously and so acknowledgements can be made to each donor.

As we continue the drive toward our $7.25 million goal, clergy, volunteers and donors are reminded of the words of Yogi Berra, “It’s ain’t over ‘til its over.” We will continue to be available to assist parishes as they round the bases of their campaign toward each home goal. This year’s appeal will accept new gifts and payments until March 31, 2010. Donations can be made at the parish or by accessing our website at and clicking the House of Charity link.