Saint Joseph senior told to ‘Come on down!’

As a contestant on “The Price Is Right,” Brian Spencer, a senior at Saint Joseph High School, Hammonton, shows his loyalty to the Philadelphia Eagles.

When Brian Spencer and his father traveled to the West Coast in early December, 2019, they thought it would be fun to go to the taping of a daytime TV show. It was a toss-up between “Dr. Phil” and “The Price is Right.” In the end they chose “The Price is Right,” a daily ritual for Brian’s grandmother.

Brian said when they arrived at the studio a producer asked why he’d come and why he would be a good contestant. They must have liked Brian’s answer: he was a senior at Saint Joseph High School in Hammonton, New Jersey; he was celebrating his 18th birthday with his dad; and it was his grandmother’s favorite show.

Unable to hear his name and the iconic call to “Come on down” in the loud studio, Brian didn’t know he’d been chosen — first pick of the day — until his father saw Brian’s name on a cue card.

With no disrespect to Dr. Phil, it seems Brian and his dad made the right choice. Grand prize winner for the day, Brian’s haul included two guitars, a Smart phone, laptop and 75-inch TV, a car and a trip to Buenos Aries.

Perhaps the biggest challenge was keeping the experience a secret. For more than a month, Brian and his father could say no more than, “Watch the show Jan. 21.” Brian explained that any leak of the outcome would result in forfeiture of his winnings.

A graduate of Saint Teresa Regional School in Runnemede, Brian is now back to the business of senior year at Saint Joseph High School, making plans for his next chapter.

As for the fame and glory, he said he’s enjoyed his “15 minutes.”