The Second Amendment



When Father Gregorio casts Christ in the role of dismantling one of our constitutional rights, I feel I must respond (What would Jesus do about the Second Amendment? Sept. 6).
Insofar as I know, Jesus belonged to no political party or organization (though he could have) – there were certainly underground groups during his life that were opposed to Roman rule. Many young men joined, yet he did not. Nor did he preach politics that I am aware of. Yet, Father Gregorio asks “What would Jesus do?” Then answers for him, “He’d call for repealing the Second Amendment.”
I don’t know what Christ might say, but my guess would be that he would speak of change that came from the heart, arising out of love for our fellow man, not politics. He would (and did) speak of tolerance, not contempt, for those different from us, or with whom we disagree. He did not brand anyone as a “certain party,” unwilling to grant them even the dignity of their title. Nor did he label the women who did not follow his teachings as suffering from Stockholm syndrome, or the men a masculine deficiency disorder, as Father Gregorio broadly implies. Words such as these do not draw hearts to change, but divide and harden them – perhaps this is why Christ did not make political rants.

David P. Dean
Cape May Court House