War on women



I keep hearing the phrase “war on women.” I’m a bit confused. I thought we lived in a free society where women are equal to men and have the same rights as men.

The true “war on women” is being waged in third world countries. We don’t allow genital mutilations as in some cultures. Women are able to wear what they want and are not forced to be covered from head to toe. Women are not killed just because they dishonored the family. Women are allowed to drive, not forced to sit in the back seat. Women are allowed to vote.

So please clue me in. Just where is this “war on women”? Is it because I don’t want to pay for birth control? That’s not a “war on women.” That’s my belief.

I am told women are free to choose. I, also, am free to choose — not to pay for something I don’t believe in. The HHS mandate forcing religious institutions to go against their beliefs is just plain wrong.

If you want to stop the “war on women,” shut down every pornographic producing studio, go-go bar, strip club and “gentleman’s” club. That’s where the real “war on women” is waged.

Ron Prykanowski