In defense of capital punishment

In his column “the high cost of execution includes innocent life” (Nov. 26), Father Gregorio implies innocent people are executed under the capital punishment system. However, he does not cite a single case! Not surprising since none have been identified in the past 110 years! Cases where people on death row have later been proven innocent and released simply prove the system works.
On the other hand, Father Gregorio ignores the innocent people killed each year by prisoners on death row (guards, visitors, fellow inmates and victims of escapees) well documented by the U.S. Department of Justice. He further ignores the thousands killed each year by prisoners who should be on death row.
If Father Gregorio truly cared about innocent lives, he would instead be advocating  wider use of the death penalty. After all, it is irrefutable that on one person, innocent or otherwise, has ever been killed or harmed by an executed prisoner.
Anthony V. Perrella, Sr.